Social project INeedHelpBY
The INeedHelpBY initiative helps those who have suffered from political repression and are in a difficult financial situation with food.
*In case of difficulties with following the link to the Telegram bot, we recommend using a mobile Internet connection.
Who are we helping?
We help those who have lost income by expressing their active political position. This can be any person who expressed their position and, as a result, lost their job or most of their salary, received a large fine, was detained in a temporary detention center, or was restricted or deprived of liberty.
What is our help?
Assistance consists of purchasing and delivering a two-week set of products designed for the entire victim's Family.

How does INeedHelpBY work?
We have developed a Telegram bot that accepts applications from Families and Helpers. The helper can order food for the Family online on their own or donate to our account, and we will buy food for the Family and send a report. Within a few days, the order is delivered to the Family.

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If you want to help or need help, you can apply through our Telegram bot