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Dear Friends,

On January 16, 2024, the social initiative INeedHelpBY was recognized in Belarus as an “extremist organization.” The website, the Telegram bot, and the Instagram account @ineedhelp_by were also recognized as “extremists.” Having prioritized the safety of Families who turned to us for help and our Helpers, we temporarily suspended the initiative's work in Belarus, stopped accepting applications for help, and froze the Telegram bot's work.

Hundreds of people in Belarus were detained for receiving food sent by caring fellow Belarusians from different parts of the world. In light of this, we have made another critical decision, which we hope will receive your support and solidarity. We believe that at this time, it is appropriate to send assistance outside the country to those who have fled due to persecution, especially those in connection with the “INeedHelpBY case.”

The new format of work involves food support for families for 6 weeks.


How can you help?

- Order a food basket for the family on our website (as before, we will send you a report on when and who received your basket)

- Subscribe for monthly donations for any amount and/or any grocery basket size (quick, simple, convenient)

- Buy high-quality T-shirts and other Belarus-related merch on our website (all profits from sales are used for support of Families and the needs of the project)

- Support us on social networks (don’t forget that we are “extremists,” and if you are in Belarus, then don’t do this :) )

To speed up the family verification process, we agreed to cooperate with the “Emergency Humanitarian Aid” project, which includes BYSOL, ByHelp, Country for Life, and Dissidentby. Thus, the project will redirect targeted applications to us.

You can fill out an application for help through the hotlines in TG: @bysol_polit, @StranafundPZ, @eolonir.

The INeedHelpBY project has always set its primary goal of unifying Belarusians worldwide through direct assistance from person to person. We believe in the principle of the cycle of good and are confident that a person who receives help in a difficult moment will help another in a similar situation.

We continue to help Belarusians regardless of location and will do so as long as necessary.


We Are Together!



INeedHelpBY Team


Social project INeedHelpBY

The INeedHelpBY project provides emergency food assistance to those who lost income due to political activities in Belarus.

Who are we helping?

We help those who have lost income by expressing their active political position. This can be any person who expressed their position and, as a result, lost their job or most of their salary, received a large fine, was detained in a temporary detention center, or was restricted or deprived of liberty.

How do we help?

Assistance consists of supplying a two-week set of groceries designed for the entire victim's Family.

How does INeedHelpBY work?

We have developed a Telegram bot that accepts applications from Families and Helpers. There are two ways to help. First - the helper can order food for the Family online on their own. Second - contribute to our account, and we will purchase food for the Family and send a report to the donor. Then, within a few days, the order is delivered to the Family.



total amount of assistance



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Families write to us

If you want to help or need help, you can apply through our Telegram bot

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