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Who is the "Family"?

Under the term "Family" we mean a person (and his/her family, in case it exists) facing a difficult financial situation due to expressing an active civil and political position. This could be any Belarusian, which lost their job or most of their salary, received a large fine, was detained in a temporary detention center, or was restricted or deprived of liberty. The application could be submitted by the victim or another member of his/her family.

How to get Help?

Submit an application

To receive grocery assistance through our project, the application must be submitted through the Telegram bot. We need to know the details of your case to decide your eligibility for help.


Verification process

Each application goes through a verification process. First, we need to be sure that provided documents and information are legit and that your case matches our criteria.

We will notify you through the Telegram bot as soon as a decision is made. If approved, we will connect you with the Helper within 48 hours.


Provide requested documents

For INeedHelpBY grocery assistance eligibility, must be provided at least ONE of the following documents:

  • Copy of an employment book with the date of dismissal (August 2020 or later);

  • Record of an administrative offense, court's decision, etc.;

  • Medical report with the diagnosis and description of injuries;

  • Photo/video proof of participation in the strike, articles with your photos and/or your name mentioned.

Only a limited number of INeedHelpBY team members have access to provided documents. You can read more about our security policies here.

Food delivery

After the matching process, Helper will receive your contact information and will contact you within 48 hours. You can discuss food preferences, allergies, and other order details. We ask you to notify Helper when you will receive food.

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