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Coasters with Belarusian Ornaments

Coasters with Belarusian Ornaments


⚪️🔴⚪️ Introducing our exquisite ceramic coasters featuring authentic Belarusian designs; each set includes four coasters that will not only add elegance to your tabletops but also support a worthy cause. 


Here's what makes these coasters truly special:


🎨 Intricate Traditional Ornaments: These coasters showcase the captivating symbolism of Belarusian culture. From "Siamja," representing heritage, to "Vas'mirog," embodying sacred fire, and "Kryzh," symbolizing sanctity and purity, to "Maladosc'," celebrating youthfulness and beauty, each coaster tells a unique story.


💖 Supporting Belarus: We're proud to announce that 100% of the profits from your purchase will directly support the people in Belarus. By buying these coasters, you'll contribute to the valuable initiatives of INeedHelpBY, a non-profit organization that supports people in Belarus.


🤝 Making a Difference: With every coaster set you buy, you bring a touch of Belarusian tradition into your home while becoming a part of a collective effort to support those in need. Your purchase will help fund projects that create opportunities and positively impact the lives of people in Belarus.


🛍️ Shop with Purpose: Make a statement in your decor and in the world by getting your set of these exquisite ceramic coasters. Let the enchanting Belarusian ornaments adorn your tabletops while making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


Together, we can celebrate culture, create change, and make a lasting difference in Belarus. 

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